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August 21, 2007


Colleen D.

Very nice, you guys! You are some of the most talented people I have ever met!


Wow, Aaron you're fast and gooood!!!!!! I love how you captured the weekend. It was such a good time being all together. Hope you and Renee have recovered from the onslaught. I love the pictures of you two.

sara anthony

Oh man, that is awesome. Love it. Love it. It's amazing what you can turn raw footage into Aaron. Perfect song selection too, one and only brother. I need a copy for my blog and for our DVD, the kids are watching this so much we are going to burn out a computer!

THANKS AARON & RENEE for a great weekend, delicious food, comfy beds and an all around good time!


Dude..... That rocks and I am not even your family! Every family needs a video like that. I am amazed at your style, the quality, and the production!!!!!! Awesome...

One day we will work together again!

christy pacanowski

that is so great aaron! how much fun! i LOVE LOVE times when our whole family piles into one small cottage and sleeps practically on top of each other too. it reminds me of when we were growing up and our parents would do the same thing with like 5 of their couple friends and all us kids! aahh, the memories. if only we had you around then! love it!

Lori Harris

Well, I'm pretty sure that if you're looking back on your old picture and thinking that you look older in this one that you are sorely mistaken. You look younger and more energetic...and more handsome and beautiful in this picture for sure...I'm glad you got it updated :) Here's to looking younger and more energetic in 5 to 10 more years! :)

Nicole Goldstein

What great memories! You'll cherish them forever..especially times like these when everybody is together. Great video and beautiful picture. We're just about to our 1st anniversary and we are so happy we have our video to reflect upon. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Jessica Stefans wedding Oct. 13th! Take Care

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