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October 18, 2007


sara anthony

You successfully brought me to tears. I love it. It makes my heart hurt that we live so far away. I miss you guys!


I love it, of course. What a treasure of a keepsake!

christy pacanowski

oh my...i also started balling at the "its the daddy that gives her away". and then the phone rang and i couldnt even answer because i was all choking up...way to go again!


John and I are sitting on Aaron & Renees couch as we speak. Funny we used to think they were so far away, and now it's just mid week 2 hour trip away...practically next door these days.

Thanks Aaron & Renee for being such great host especially with our 1/2 a day warning we gave you.

Nicole Goldstein

BEAUTIFUL!! What a great way to capture the moments of a two year old. Her smile is priceless.


Great video! What a doll. I didn't know that her middle name was Jo! That's vivi's middle name too. Anyhoo - you guys are so very talented. Thanks for sharing.


Absolutely adorable!! Love it! Definitely a tear jerker. The beginning, "I love you, Daddy" with that cute little voice was it for me! You guys are amazing. By the way, Kiara loves to watch the video of herself that you made!


My goodness, someone looks like her mommy.
This one choked me up, just like all the others. Wonderful job as always! And happy belated birthday to Lindsey.


How awesome!!! My little one is just about to turn two and I would love a keepsake like this for her!

Ryan Koral

how fun, aaron!!! way to go keeping up w/ the kids and videos - that is the hardest thing in the world to do - keeping up with your own stuff. that stuff doesn't pay much :P but it sure is worth it as we can obviously see in this video. good work.

Karri Gabridge

I had forgotten her middle name was Jo! That is my mom's, mine and Alexi's. You have great taste!

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