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November 23, 2007


Colleen D.

Once again, that was an AWESOME video! Ethan-you are one cool kid-Happy Birthday!

Lori Harris

Ethan! I just love it! Happy Birthday buddy! 8 Years old...wow, can't believe it. Just so you know, your dad can make you as "bad" looking as he wants to in these videos, but we all know that the true Ethan has the purest, most gentle happy soul around and I'm happy to see parts of that in the video too. Love the laughing at the exploding "Monster" can! Such a cute video...Aaron you never cease to impress me!


Ethan... is that that a MO HAWK i see at the end there?? I like what i see!

sara anthony

I can not believe how old he looks in that video!! I can't wait til Christmas too see him and the rest of you guys. Very cool Ethan, very cool! I can just hear Jalen now, he's going to want to get his skateboard out again after seeing this.

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