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December 11, 2007



Well Ryan just left the room crying when we tried to watch it through for a second time. We are both crying our eyes out!! It is so beautiful! I can't express how priceless this is now and will become over the years for us!! Wow! Just amazing!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


That is our secret plan....tears are our goal. We are glad that we were able to touch you with Payton's video. We can say from experience that you will cherish this video years from now when Payton far from being your little 2 year old. Enjoy the DVD.


Ryan Koral

so cute!!! nice work, aaron. love the ending shot.

Kay Blackburn

Ryan, this is absolutely beautiful. Cherish this moment forever, they grow so fast. What a little cutie.


OH My GOSH!!!! I don't even know these people and I cried as I watched this. What an amazingly talented videographer you are! It's funny, being a wedding photographer myself, we sell people on the fact of their wedding photo (and video) being their first family heirloom, but this is just so precious. They say you don't know what love is until you have a child and this video really drives that point home. This is the most memorable video that I have ever seen. I want one for my 3 year old!
Looking forward to working with you guys this summer!

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