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September 26, 2008


michael buckingham

How was it as a movie? Did you know that Kirk insisted on not kissing the actual leading lady? http://holycowablog.com/excellence/bravo-kirk-cameron/

BTW...we are going to go through the book Love Dare in our small group...you guys should join us.


I would love to re-watch our wedding video....but you have it. Any chance I could get that back...in your spare time?

Thanks for being such good host this weekend...we had a fun time :)


Rach your making it look like your an angry bride that is not satisfied with Captured Productions because you didn't get her video on time.

John Deckrow

It may not be a Blockbuster, but probably a "Barn Burner". Just had to say it. Around $11 million the first two weeks on a $600,000 budget. Very good movie, but it helps to be in good relationship with your wife so you don't see too much of yourself in the Kirk Cameron character

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