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June 03, 2009


sara anthony

I'm so glad I'm the first to comment. Jordan, from one artist to another, you are amazing... so are your creative mom and dad. I can hardly to see the screen to write this because so many tears are filling my eyes and dropping to the keys below me.
I have got to post this on my blog. It's so inspiring. Thanks for the great start to my day!


Had to admit there were tears running down my face as well... but there was always something to quickly get me laughing again! You have away of inspiring people Jord, and you can always put a smile on someone's face! Your mom and dad are the same way! Don't be fooled by the tears... I LOVED IT! Happy Birthday Jordan!

molly wickes

Awesome!!!! I have all sorts of tears flowing too! Beautiful work, and I can't wait to see the movie! :-)

ksen : )

this . was . AWESOME! so amazing, as is Jordan! what a talented artist!! so inspirational & lovely. happy, happy birthday Jordan! thanks so much for sharing.

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